23 October, 2012

Episode 22 - Lone-lands

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Oh, loneliest of lands. Whither would we be without you to carry us from level 20 to 30? Tomeoric (which I sadly mispronounced on the show; it's "toe-MAYO-rick") joins me in a discussion of the high points of the zone, from Weathertop to Agamaur, newbie experiences with the zone, and a few things you may have missed along the way.

More information on the Lone-lands:

This episode's music:
  • Long, Lonesome Highway Blues by Steve Earle [buy]


  1. Shipwreck,
    I have tried to subscribe to your podcast previously and was not successful for whatever reason, but with the recent update of ios 6 and the new Podcast App, the floodgates opened and I was able to feast on all of your efforts from the past year+. I have found your content pithy, meticulous and absorbing. Love the length (or brevity as it were), love the weaving of lore, geography and in-game points of interest and love the music. Definitely a breath of fresh air and welcome contribution to the community. Bravo and let me know if you are ever stuck for a guest host.
    Braag of Vilya

    1. Many, many thanks, Braag! It's comments like this that give me that needed nudge when I get lazy on this thing. Thank you again! And I will likely take you up on that offer to guest on the show.

    2. Also, thanks for your words on the length. I've heard BYF is too short, but I think most podcasts are too long. Maybe one day I'll strike a happy balance.